Cyber Security in Ireland

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Last week our blog focused on the cyber-attacks on a global stage, lets break it down into more familiar territory this week and focus on Irelands perspective on these threats.

Cyber Security in an International Context

To mark Data Privacy and Protection Day 2017, we will focus on this topic in our upcoming blogs. We have just gone through the ‘Cyber Essentials Certified’ process to become Irelands only Cyber Essential Certified Document Shredding and Hard Drive Destruction company.

Cyber Essential Certified!

With our range of certifications in the data protection industry, we now focused on ensuring our cyber infrastructure was fully protected.

Clean Desk Policy for 2017

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Shredding for the new year? Our own office here at M1 Shredding, has witnessed a major clean up. Our old documents and clustered workspace is now rejuvenated into a clean tidy work area.