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    file shredding pulp shredding

    file shredding pulp shredding

If you're worried about disposing of old hard drives, we can put your mind at ease.

M1 Document Solutions Ltd. provides a certified secure mobile destruction service that can literally shred your hard drives, leaving an unreadable pile of debris.  Hard Drive (HDD) Shredding Eliminates any chance of your data being stolen, but these are some of our clients questions answered:

Our unique shredding process maximises the recycling of the aluminium cases while ensuring maximum security.

The ONLY 100% guarantee of data destruction is by shredding the hard drive.

Some of you questions answered:

Why use On-Site Destruction?
Would you entrust the destruction of your credit card to someone that would collect it at your facility and 'guarantee' destruction at a later time? Your answer to this question reflects how you should consider hard drive disposal.

Get it done right: on-site and in sight!

How can we be certain that the hard drive is destroyed?
In destroying your hard drives we follow three stages:

  • We come to your premises with our mobile industrial shredding truck
  • We record the hard drives serial numbers
  • We remove the hard drive from it aluminium case
  • We shred the hard drives – there and then, and you can witness the whole process.

Seeing is believing!

We also provide a hard drive extraction service.


Procedure for Physical Destruction of Computer Hard Drives

  • The serial numbers of all hard drives or CPU's being destroyed for each customer are recorded, unless the customer has signed an agreement opting out of this requirement.
  • The 'Opt Out Agreement' states that M1 Document Solutions Ltd are obligated under NAID Certification Standards, to have the customer sign the agreement if they choose not to have their serial numbers recorded.
  • All hard drives are removed from they aluminium casing.
  • All hard drives are physically shredded.
  • All cases are recycled.
  • The log of recorded serial numbers of hard drives destroyed is returned to the customer upon completion of the service (unless the customer has opted out).
  • A certificate of destruction is furnished for the work done.


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