Paper Shredding Service in Cork

Paper Shredding Service in Cork

“Do you shred in Cork?” is a question we are often asked here in the office. Our Business is built with coverage across ALL of Ireland. We regularly shred in Cork and have many clients there.  We treat Cork as the same as any other county with NO hidden fuel charges.  We can be ready at your door for 09:00 with our mobile shredder ready for action, although it means a very early start for our drivers unfortunately.

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Anthony (M1 Mobile Shredder Operator) was in Cork last week, he generously stopped into the office to answer a few questions about his experiences with the long travels down south.


Me: First off Anthony; How long have you been confidentially shredding for M1 Documents?

Anthony: 7 or 8 years, but I have only been in the driving seat since the start of the summer as I passed my C Driving License


Me: What is your favourite place in Ireland to shred and why?

Anthony: It would have to be Skerries. The view of the Irish sea as I drive past, especially in the summer there is wind surfing, people fishing and everybody is in a good mood!


Me: What time do you have to leave HQ, if you have to be in Cork City for 9am?

Anthony: I leave Castleblayney at 4am, and it takes roughly a 5-hour drive but this includes my break.


Me: And what would you take as a break that early in the morning?

Anthony: I would have my trusty flask with me, full of tea and a few slices of brown bread. Nothing too wild.


Me: How do you keep entertained on the road, what do you listen to?

Anthony: Definitely don’t listen to you! But I would listen to Today FM, I’m a fan of Ray D’Arcy or Anton Savage. If a have a helper for a big clear out, I could be made listen to him for a while.


Me: Lastly, why did you choose to work for M1 Document Solutions Anthony?

Anthony: I started with M1 for work placement all them years ago for John, and he kept me on. We are regarded as a green friendly office, something I am passionate about. Data protection is a buzzword in the media, and this company strives to help other organisations ensure they are following the law while also helping them save time and cut their costs. Another reason too is my colleagues at M1 are very friendly and helpful; the craic is mighty!



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