ISIA Awards 2016 Results

ISIA Awards 2016 ISS FINALIST logo

Our Director John Nealon, represented his secure paper shredding company M1 Document Solutions last weekend at the fantastic 2016 ISIA Awards. Although secure shredding services around the country are envious at us, as we are regularly invited to attend these prestigious events to honour our contribution to security shredding.

We received the second – class honour on the night, for our continuous effort in innovation in security to improve our secure shredding services. Our award came from the new CRM data migration system implemented in our office, which cut significant working hours for our office staff on top of many other benefits.

Document shredding is our game, but in our office, we utilise every business hour so our customers can get that ‘Regulated, Certified Secure Shredding’ as efficient as possible. 

Keep an eye on our news over the next few weeks for more shredding information.

John Nealon and Martin Stairs

John and Rosemary Nealon with Martin Stairs, Security Consultant on the ISIA Committee 








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