Onsite Shredding as Detailed in Public Sector Magazine

After attaining their “On-site” Document and Hard-drive Destruction International Standard, M1 Document Solutions addresses the “Where” and “How” to ensure data protection compliance.

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner requires the secure disposal of electronic and paper records.  However, the manner and type of destruction used by organisations rests squarely on the shoulders of Data Controllers within organisations.  Deciding on “Where” and “How” sensitive data is destroyed within the Public Sector is a critical decision. The “Where” question basically boils down to: “Should we witness the destruction of this organisations sensitive material?” or “Do we send the material ‘off-site’ and hope for the best?”  This might seem simplistic – but is it?  The last twelve months have seen a number of instances of documentation from Public organisations ending up on sides of roads or dumps.  The solution is simple - have your sensitive material shredded “At Your Premises”, where a representative of your organisation can witness its physical destruction. The “How” material should be destroyed is a little more complex, but starts with the equipment used. To have your material securely shredded on-site requires a lorry with a mounted shredder, providing equivalent to a DIN 3 destruction capacity. The Data Commissioner also proposes that Certification can be a useful means of demonstrating compliance with the security requirements of the Data Protection Acts.  Your destruction supplier should provide you with a clear Certificate of Destruction detailing: the acceptance of fiduciary responsibility; date, time, location and method of destruction; and a witness signature.


The standards achieved by your service provider provides clear evidence of its commitment to quality and security of services.  M1 Document Solutions is Irelands only internationally recognised NAID “AAA” Certified information destruction company.  NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) is the recognised governing body for document destruction, and sets the industry’s benchmark standard for the destruction process, including equipment and maintenance, destruction procedures, employee hiring and screening, and disposal practices. A growing Irish document destruction firm, M1 Document Solutions provides customers across the country with the convenience of on-site shredding services, while ensuring full security and confidentiality at all times.  In complying with NAID’s high standards, M1 Documents recognizes customers’ growing need for secure and confidential destruction services that can handle even the most sensitive paper and electronic materials.

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