ISIA Presentaion by M1 Document Solutions Director

John presenting managing risk through data destruction

John Nealon, Director of M1 Document Solutions Ltd and chairman of the ISIA data destruction division, has delivered an informative and insig

htful presentation on ''Managing Risk & Protecting your Brand through Secure Data Destruction'' at the 2015 Facilities Management Conference at the RDS in Dublin. In the presentation, John highlighted the driving forces behind data security and the main causes of data breaches.


According to study, the most common cause of data breach is still human error or Negligence – The Human Factor - is still the top root cause of Data Breaches, which may come as a surprise to many given the advances in technology in recent years and apparent increased risk of security online. This emphasises the need for good employee culture and best practice training. John calls for companies to ''Create a culture of document security''. Employers are advised to teach their employees to understand the value of protecting company and customer information and the importance of security to the business. Many of these dangers and risks are reduced by engaging with an ISIA member company. ISIA members have a code of practice where issues like security, integrity and peace of mind for the service user are of paramount importance. In addition to this, ISIA members must adhere to the Qualsec standard with makes compulsory;

Registration with Data Protection Commissioner

Adequate staff training

Customer feedback

Secure shredded paper disposal

Personnel vetting

In conclusion John reiterated the cost and risks of data breaches and measures to reduce them. He finished ''data breaches will always happen, but it is employers and managers responsibility to moderate the dangers through organisational culture, auditing, and ensuring they use ISIA member companies when destroying data''. It was explained that ''fewer customers remain loyal following a data breach, and it only takes one mishap to severely damage a business' reputation''.



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