Why is data protection important?

Something we came across in the office this week, a very interesting article from the Association of Data Protection Officers website that highlighted major problems within organisations in terms of data breaches and the reasons behind these threats.

Computer Breach

While we may think our information is secured and our employees are trusted, well... frankly we are wrong, the survey has shown that Irish companies' biggest threat to data leaks continues to be "negligent employees", with one in five singling out inept staff as the biggest issue they face in keeping sensitive data secure. Promoting policies in the workplace is key to remaining a confidential and trusted enterprise, even if your inept staff think this is wish wash! We found out also that ‘one third of employees say they are not adequately familiar with data breach policies.’ Not a worrying figure in many senses but on the flipside it only takes one leak of vital information to make national news and air your dirty laundry. 

Medical Files

Recently we shared an article on our Facebook page, something which made us ‘bat our eyelids’. On the 4th of August 2016, RTE news reported that more than 100 medical files were found in a vacant house in Co.Wexford, fortunately for the medical centre/pharmacy, the files are now in possession of the HSE. It goes without saying but, if this information got into the wrong hands; a lot more can be tarnished than just the organisations reputation.

Just take a look here at some of these not so lucky cases on the Data Protection Commissioners Website! 

So the moral of the story is, ensure your staff are trained on the subject of data policy and safeguard that your files are confidentially shredded. Luckily for our regular clients, they know their information is secure and safe from data breaches as we provide them with a free cabinet which is locked and stored in the office for any papers to be shredded by us whenever it is full. 

Lastly, in future when searching for a Confidential Shredding Company; check first if they are a certified company.


Your Checklist:

  • EN15713 Certfication
  • NAID Europe, "AAA" Certified Company
  • Qualsec Certification
  • A member of the Irish Security Industry Association

Or better yet, just call us.! The ONLY company in Ireland covered by all of the above.

  • Our Director, John Nealon is Chairman of Irish Security Industry Association; secure data destruction division


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