Why is data protection important?

Something we came across in the office this week, a very interesting article from the Association of Data Protection Officers website that highlighted major problems within organisations in terms of data breaches and the reasons behind these threats.

Computer Breach

While we may think our information is secured and our employees are trusted, well... frankly we are wrong, the survey has shown that Irish companies' biggest threat to data leaks continues to be "negligent employees", with one in five singling out inept staff as the biggest issue they face in keeping sensitive data secure. Promoting policies in the workplace is key to remaining a confidential and trusted enterprise, even if your inept staff think this is wish wash! We found out also that ‘one third of employees say they are not adequately familiar with data breach policies.’ Not a worrying figure in many senses but on the flipside it only takes one leak of vital information to make national news and air your dirty laundry. 

Medical Files

Recently we shared an article on our Facebook page, something which made us ‘bat our eyelids’. On the 4th of August 2016, RTE news reported that more than 100 medical files were found in a vacant house in Co.Wexford, fortunately for the medical centre/pharmacy, the files are now in possession of the HSE. It goes without saying but, if this information got into the wrong hands; a lot more can be tarnished than just the organisations reputation.

Just take a look here at some of these not so lucky cases on the Data Protection Commissioners Website! 

So the moral of the story is, ensure your staff are trained on the subject of data policy and safeguard that your files are confidentially shredded. Luckily for our regular clients, they know their information is secure and safe from data breaches as we provide them with a free cabinet which is locked and stored in the office for any papers to be shredded by us whenever it is full. 

Lastly, in future when searching for a Confidential Shredding Company; check first if they are a certified company.


Your Checklist:

  • EN15713 Certfication
  • NAID Europe, "AAA" Certified Company
  • Qualsec Certification
  • A member of the Irish Security Industry Association

Or better yet, just call us.! The ONLY company in Ireland covered by all of the above.

  • Our Director, John Nealon is Chairman of Irish Security Industry Association; secure data destruction division


Check out our Facebook page for some more updates about M1 Document Solutions.



Qualsec Standard Award for Shredding at the ISIA's Gala Dinner

Someone in the office has just reminded me that we have (or that probably should be I have) forgotten to tell people that we were awarded our Qualsec Standard at the Irish Security Industry Associations Awards night.

Held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin, the Gala night had Tracy Piggot as the master of Ceremonies – who really did a wonderful job.

The award was presented to John Nealon (Director of www.confidentialpapershredding.ie) by the ISIA’s President Alan Durnan, Managing Director of G4S Secure Services Ireland.

We now sponsor the Louth Business Awards


M1 Document Solutions are delighted to announce their sponsorship of the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES SECTOR Award, at the Louth Business Awards organised by Dundalk Chamber of Commerce.

John Nealon (Director of www.confidentialpapershredding.ie ) “Having entered the awards for the last number of years, we were delighted to be in a position to sponsor an award this year. We are particularly pleased that Brenda for the Dundalk Chamber asked us to sponsor the customer service ward for Professional services – many of which are already shredding clients of ours”

The event was launched last week and our Manager Fionnuala McKenna attended the event. Fionnualla stated that “we wish all those who enter the awards and particularly those in the Professional services sector, the very best of luck on the awards night.”

The Dundalk Chamber of Commerce Annual Gala Dinner will take place on Saturday 15th October 2016 in the Carrickdale Hotel. The highlight of the evening, of course, is the presentation of the Louth Business Awards 2016.

Louth Business Awards

M1 sponsors Castleblayney College Student of The Year Awards

M1 Document Solutions are delighted to sponsorship of the Agricultural Science Student of the Year Award, organised by Castleblayney College.

The students shortlisted for the award were three 6th Year Students Connal Quinn, Stenphen Kelly and David McKearney. The actual award was presented to David McKearney by Glenn Murphy and John Nealon (Director of www.confidentialpapershredding.ie ) at a very well attended and enjoyable “Student of the Year Award Ceremony”.

John outlined “Castlebalyeny College and indeed the Cavan Monaghan Education and Training Board have been a long time client for our shredding services. We are delighted to be able to give something back to this wonderful school community. In particular we are delighted to be sponsoring the Ag-Science awards, in recognition of the importance of Agriculture within our economy. I have no doubt that Stephen Kelly, Connal Quinn and the award winner David McKearney will make a valuable contribution to the agricultural sector in the years to come”

The Castleblayney College Student of the Year Awards was held in the newly refurbished school hall on Thursday evening the 26th. Well done to everyone for a great evening. 

Some tips when opening emails or clicking on links

The following are some guidelines for opening email and clicking on links that we found useful within our shredding business:

If any of the below appears in the Inbox; DELETE the email without going any further. And then delete it from the trash folder.

1. Be suspect of any email that has no text in the subject line.

2. NEVER click on a link that is the only thing in the body of the email message.Email with a tick

3. We are often instructed not to open email if we do not know the person who sent it, especially not the links within them. You may receive an email that shows your friend’s name AND it is NOT from his/her email address. Always look at the email address in the opened email BEFORE clicking on any links in it, especially:
a. if there is no explanation for the link being sent to you.
b. if you also receive more than one of the same email to other email addresses you may have.
c. Another way to recognize if it is an email with hijacked addresses, not really coming from your friend, is to glance at the LIST OF NAMES to whom the email has been addressed. If there is a string of names in alphabetic order, more than likely the email was NOT initiated by your friend.

4. BEWARE of official looking email from banks, Electric Ireland, the post office and countless other seemingly trust-worthy, legitimate sources. OFFICIAL-LOOKING MAIL Precautions – When you think it might be information important to you:
a. Look at the address of the sender. Although what you see may state the name of the company, the email address of the sender when you check it within the email is often a totally irrelevant one. Delete the email without going any further.
b. If you feel compelled to check out the information, then make note of the URL (web address) and TYPE IT yourself into the address space of a new web page. Check your account from there. DO NOT click on it from the email.
c. NEVER click on a link to DOWNLOAD a receipt or PDF from any of these official-looking emails.
d. Never click on an UNSUBSCRIBE link that may be in an email UNLESS you officially had subscribed to that mailing.
e. NEVER put in any personal information in any such form you’ve linked to from an email.
f. ALWAYS check that you are on a SECURE SITE before you fill in any personal information on the web. The web address, in the address bar at the top of your web page, will start with https://. Note the letter “s” after the http .
g. Lastly, if you still have any doubts, call the bank, or other source, to see if they did, in fact, send an email.

John (Director of www.confidentialpapershredding.ie ) went back to his roots on Sunday 17th April, when he sponsored a team in the “Straight Ahead” Golf Classic in Kilcock Golf Club.Kilcock golf club

The members of the M1 Documents team were: Eileen Cumiskey, Faela Heavin Vice Captain Concra Wood Castleblayney Golf Club, Mary Heavin and Anne Tracey. While the team may not have brought home any silverware, a good day was had by all. Special thanks to the event organiser Una Healy Lady Captain of Kilcock Golf Club.

Straight Ahead is a medical support group affiliated to Childrens Medical and Research Foundation and provides surgery, support and medical equipment for children with orthopaedic conditions. Children with major orthopaedic problems are often forced to wait for much needed surgery which would significantly and rapidly change their lives for the better.straight ahead Patients with conditions such as scoliosis, lime deformity and injury, maybe hostage to their condition, as the delays cause disproportionate damage and require more extensive, invasive, painful and expensive surgeries, with predictably longer recovery periods. The Straight Ahead group pull together teams and create opportunities to operate on some of the children who need it most.

New Paper Shredding Service Announced

In order to achieve a Gold Standard award, M1 had to achieve a number of certified characteristics, by displaying exemplary standards across Organisation, Development and Training, Human Resources and Customer Satisfaction.

In order to achieve a Gold Standard award, M1 had to achieve a number of certified characteristics, by displaying exemplary standards across Organisation, Development and Training, Human Resources and Customer Satisfaction.

In order to achieve a Gold Standard award, M1 had to achieve a number of certified characteristics, by displaying exemplary standards across Organisation, Development and Training, Human Resources and Customer Satisfaction.



M1 shred paper shredding QualsecgoldM1 DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS recognised for its continued improvement and commitment to development and training, human resources and customer satisfaction.

M1 Document Solution is a leading provider of On-Site Confidential Shredding has received the Irish Security Industry Association (ISIA) Qualsec Gold Standard award. The award is in recognition of M1's quality of service and codes of practice and is part of ISIA’s independently managed and monitored continuous improvement quality scheme.
In order to achieve a Gold Standard award, M1 had to achieve a number of certified characteristics, by displaying exemplary standards across Organisation, Development and Training, Human Resources and Customer Satisfaction.
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Irish Security Industry AssociationThe publication of the Annual Report of the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner is a timely occasion to review the issue of Data Protection within an international context.

Over the past number of months the Irish Times have printed two interesting reports titled “Strong data protection laws better for EU than sniping”, and “Technology giants defend US’s privacy protection regime”. These two reports by Karlin Lillington draw together a number of strands surrounding EU and US Data Protection issues that are currently in play.  Two particular themes are now evident;  firstly, there seems a general condescending attitude to the Irish Data Protection regulatory system – in particular the Data Protection Commission, and secondly a lack of understanding about the US Data Protection regime.

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From the county that brought you the Clones Cyclone, shredding in Ireland has never been more secure, confidential and convienient! Thanks to recent business growth, the M1 lorry is now shredding in Dublin on a weekly basis.

From our secure document storage base in Castleblayney, County Monaghan, we are now providing confidential paper shredding in Waterford, Galway, Limerick and Cork and the surrounding areas. Our mobile document shredder is so powerful it can also provide hard drive destruction!

Our lorry takes just 7 minutes to destory a standard size wheelie bin full of paper, while it takes a standard shredder 3 hours or more to destroy the same load. 

To enquire about this data destruction service, or our bulk shredding options, call us on 0429749515 or we'll call you back!


document shredding cork

John presenting managing risk through data destruction

John Nealon, Director of M1 Document Solutions Ltd and chairman of the ISIA data destruction division, has delivered an informative and insig

htful presentation on ''Managing Risk & Protecting your Brand through Secure Data Destruction'' at the 2015 Facilities Management Conference at the RDS in Dublin. In the presentation, John highlighted the driving forces behind data security and the main causes of data breaches.

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ISIA Chairman and logo

ISIA john nealon secure document destructionJohn Nealon, Director of M1 Document Solutions Ltd, has recently taken up the post of Chair of the ISIA (Irish Security Industry Association) Data Destruction division. The ISIA plays the leading role in developing and promoting the very highest professional standards when dealing with confidential information. It’s Data Destruction Division consists of companies that securely destroy a range of confidential information, including paper, DVDs and computer hard-drives. The section also destroys items that could potentially cause problems if they fall into the wrong hands, such as branded products and uniforms.

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After attaining their “On-site” Document and Hard-drive Destruction International Standard, M1 Document Solutions addresses the “Where” and “How” to ensure data protection compliance.

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner requires the secure disposal of electronic and paper records.  However, the manner and type of destruction used by organisations rests squarely on the shoulders of Data Controllers within organisations.  Deciding on “Where” and “How” sensitive data is destroyed within the Public Sector is a critical decision. The “Where” question basically boils down to: “Should we witness the destruction of this organisations sensitive material?” or “Do we send the material ‘off-site’ and hope for the best?”  This might seem simplistic – but is it?  The last twelve months have seen a number of instances of documentation from Public organisations ending up on sides of roads or dumps.  The solution is simple - have your sensitive material shredded “At Your Premises”, where a representative of your organisation can witness its physical destruction. The “How” material should be destroyed is a little more complex, but starts with the equipment used. To have your material securely shredded on-site requires a lorry with a mounted shredder, providing equivalent to a DIN 3 destruction capacity. The Data Commissioner also proposes that Certification can be a useful means of demonstrating compliance with the security requirements of the Data Protection Acts.  Your destruction supplier should provide you with a clear Certificate of Destruction detailing: the acceptance of fiduciary responsibility; date, time, location and method of destruction; and a witness signature.

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Do you understand the shredding process?

In this video, our friends over at NAID ave developed an interesting video. The history of shredding and the 'boom' period are the key features in this tape. 

The checklist mentioned in the clip has made suggestions on choosing a shredding company:

  • That it is certified by a trade association
  • Check for references
  • Check policies and procedures

M1 Document Solutions ticks all of these boxes and more!


We are happy to  announce that we have attained the internationally recognised NAID “AAA” Certification for the destruction of confidential documents.

We are now the only confidential shredding company to attain NAID “AAA” Certification in Ireland.  The presentation of the Certificate was made to M1 Document Solutions by Mr. Bob Knights of Knights International Security Consultancy.  Speaking following the presentation Mr. John Nealon, Company Director stated “This is an important achievement for M1 Document Solutions and our customers.  We’re proud of this public recognition of our commitment to safeguarding confidential information, and our high standards for reliability, security, and trust.”

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security document shredding PaperBeing a member of the National Association of Information Destruction – Europe (NAID) has the advantage of receiving updates as to the anticipated changes in trends and pricing in our industry.  Indeed only in February 2012 did NAID Europe do research on companies in the EU and found that:

The proper destruction of discarded information remains one of the most neglected and underappreciated area of data protection.  While organisations make strides to better protect personal information during its useful life, the higher level of care often evaporates when it comes time to discard it
In Madrid…100% of the commercial bins subject to random analysis contained personal information; intact and easily retrievable
(Data Disposal Attitudes and Practices (2010-2011)” NAID – Europe, Feb. 2012)

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