Hard Drive Destruction

Using our HardDrive Destruction services will ensure peace of mind. Hard-drives, Data tapes, CDs and other media can hold enormous amount of data and information. As organisations upgrade their computers it is important that this information does not get into the wrong hands.

Although there are programs that erase the data from hard-drives and other media, it is possible that this information can be restored – which can leave your company vulnerable.

Hard drive, data tapes and CD destruction is proven to be the only 100% secure way to destroy data from hard drives permanently. That means physically shredding the hard drive.

M1 Document Solutions methodology for the physical destruction of computer hard drives is as follows:

  • That serial numbers of all hard drives or CPUs being destroyed for each Customer are recorded, unless the Customer has signed an agreement opting out of this requirement.
  • And that any opt out agreement must state that the Company is obligated, under NAID Certification standards, to have the Customer sign the agreement if they choose to not have their serial numbers recorded.
  • All hard drives are removed from their aluminium casing.
  • All hard drives are physically shredded
  • All cases are recycled
  • That the log of recorded serial numbers of hard drives destroyed is returned to the Customer upon the completion of the service, unless the Customer has opted out of this requirement.
  • That a certificate of destruction is furnished for the work done