• Paper shredding bins and containers

    Paper shredding bins and containers

    Paper shredding bins and containers

Depending on your companies need M1 Document Solutions provides you with locked secure cabinets or wheelie bins for our secure shredding services, which we collect and start on site shredding the contents in one of our mobile shredding trucks – there and then! File shredding is only one of the many shredding services that we provide. The type of lockable console or bin depends on your requirements and needs.

Our unique pricing strategy gives the client the choice, because we can:

  • Price by bin
  • Price by weight
  • Price by box or bag
  • Price by time

We are happy to give our client these different approaches to pricing their confidential shredding needs.


Secure Shredding Consoles

The Secure Cabinets, also called consoles, offer the perfect balance between ease of use and trusted security.

Custom sizes and finishes are available, please contact us for details. All cabinets are fitted with a heavy duty reusable liner which can be removed for transport or on site shredding. Security shredding is our priority and these shredding consoles allow us to quickly shred paper without the hassle of spending longer than neccessary.


Locked Wheelie bins

We can provide you a lockable 120 litre, 240 litre (standard domestic size) or a 360 litre wheelie bins depending on your needs and requirements.

These bins are lockable and a perfect way of securing documents prior to mobile shredding. Like our paper shredding consoles, these save our time and our customers time in an efficient means of office shredding



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