Secure Shredding Services in the context of the Covid 19 emergency

17th April 2020
shredded paper

M1 Document Solutions are currently providing confidential paper and hard drive shredding services to our customers, many of whom are providing essential medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical services, as well as other essential Public services.

We are acutely aware of the increased pressure that all within our community are under in relation to the Corona Virus situation.  We take the health and welfare of all customers and staff very seriously and ensure that we operate at all times in-line with government guidelines.  The following are some of the specific actions that we have undertaken.

All of our staff have been advised of the following to protect against coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • wash hands properly and regularly with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub
  • cover mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when staff cough and sneeze
  • put used tissues into a bin and wash hands
  • do not touch eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean

Specific measures undertaken with our staff:

  • Alcohol based hand rubs are provided and used after each job by the drivers
  • Handshakes with customers are avoided
  • Gloves are used during shredding process

We are OFFERING the following service to our clients.  If you do not want our driver to enter your building:

  • our driver can ring ahead of his arrival at your premises,
  • one of your staff can bring the material for shredding to door of your building,
  • one of your staff can place the material into an awaiting wheelie bin and
  • our staff will take the material to the truck for shredding

If you have staff working from home / Remote Working,

we are also offering Residential Shredding Bags for them to place any confidential paper material that is no longer needed.  This will reduce the risk of a Data Breach.

If you wish to available of these services, just ring our office on 042 9749515 or email .